Investing in Priceless Memories with Professional Portrait Photography

Southwest Denver & 285 corridor Professional Family Photography

Outdoor Maternity & Family Photography Sessions

Packages start at $215 and include:
- styling, prop, and location consultation
-20-60 minutes of shooting
-a private online viewing gallery of professionally edited images to choose from
The session duration and amount of images depends on the package booked. Prints & Digital images are sold separately.

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Colorado Professional Photography Packages

Senior Portrait Photography

Starting at $300

Senior Portrait packages include all that a normal session does, but are priced to include a certain amount of high-resolution senior portraits in the session fee. Please inquire for my Senior Portrait Investment Guide

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Event & Wedding Photography


Weddings & Events are split into collections which vary by length & images included. Please Inquire for my Wedding Investment Guide.

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Studio Photography

Starting at $300

Studio photography is priced separately due to the studio rental fee. Studio rental prices vary but can always be split with another family or individual you know. Contact me to inquire.

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Where Memories Bloom in Golden Light: Littleton's Luxury Family Photographer

Someone once told me "Think of the 5 biggest purchases you've made in your life, do you regret them?" Mine were, my homebirth, my college degree, my camera, a family trip, and my car. I do not regret a single one. My homebirth was a defining moment in my life, a VBAC symbolizing that I was a strong, capable woman who could overcome the trauma of my C-section. My family trip was witness to the importance of family time in my life and exposing my children to the value of different cultures. My car symbolized my freedom and a sense of "growth" as I was now a mother who needed to be able to transport my children safely. My degree gave me a sense of accomplishment and the pride of having the "gusto" and perseverance it took to achieve that. My camera served as an investment in myself. A tangible, and quite expensive, step on a path I had told myself I was going to take towards serving others and achieving financial independence. The point being, your biggest purchases often become more than just purchases, they become defining moments in what matters to your identity and your story. Mine say that I value freedom, family, overcoming odds, strength, knowledge, perseverance, independence, and properly serving my children and others around me. An investment in photography is an investment into your STORY. It is a testament to your will to strengthen family connections and connect more deeply with your life's meaning.

The Enduring Magic of Tangible Memories: Why Family Photographs Are More Than Just Pixels

In our fast-paced, digital world, memories often exist as fleeting echoes, buried under layers of social media posts and lost within the vast cloud of data. While smartphones offer instant gratification with their constant click-and-capture convenience, do these digital snapshots truly capture the essence of our experiences? Are they destined to become lost bytes, fading from view along with the ever-evolving trends of the digital age? I cannot recall the last time I've sat on my phone and looked through all of my old photos.

There's an inherent magic in tangible memories, a power that transcends the limitations of the digital realm. Photographs printed on fine art paper, albums meticulously crafted with love, and canvas gallery wraps adorning our walls – these are more than just images; they are windows to the past, whispers of laughter, and echoes of emotions that come alive with each touch and glance.

Imagine years from now, running your fingers across a textured print of your child's first laughter, the joy palpable even without the digital glow of a screen. Imagine flipping through a handcrafted album filled with images from your wedding day, each carefully curated image sparking memories and reigniting the emotions of that special day. These tangible mementos offer a depth and connection that digital files simply cannot replicate.

The value of professional photography lies not just in capturing moments, but in elevating them into heirlooms that hold the power to transcend time and touch generations. It's about:

Crafting a unique experience: Professional photographers go beyond the generic poses, working with you to create a session that reflects your unique story and personality. Imagine playful adventures in breathtaking landscapes or intimate gatherings in your own home, each moment capturing the essence of your loved ones and the connections you share.

Expert guidance: From styling consultations to location scouting, professional photographers offer their expertise to ensure every detail is meticulously planned, resulting in a seamless and enjoyable experience. They understand the nuances of light, composition, and storytelling, ensuring your memories are captured in the most flattering and evocative way.

The magic of touch: There's an undeniable intimacy in holding a physical photograph. The texture of the paper, the warmth of the colors, and the weight of the frame all contribute to a sensory experience that digital images lack. These tangible memories become conversation starters, sparking stories and laughter as they are passed down through generations. The images become conversation pieces decorating your home, waiting to bring you back to those treasured times.

An investment that grows with time: Unlike most possessions, the value of professional photography increases with each passing year. As children grow, seasons change, and life unfolds, these images become priceless snapshots of fleeting moments, capturing the ever-evolving dynamics of your family and the love that binds you together.

Choosing professional photography is an investment in your family's legacy, a commitment to preserving the laughter, love, and connections that define your unique story. It's about creating heirlooms that will evoke nostalgia, spark joy, and become cherished touchstones for generations to come.

The power of a memory cannot be measured in pixels. It's measured in the warmth of a smile, the tear triggered by a cherished image, and the stories whispered down through generations. Let's embrace the enduring magic of tangible memories and celebrate life's milestones with photographs that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

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"I can’t recommend Angelique Alcaraz enough! Angel was an absolute dream from the second I contacted her until we got the finished photography project! She offered so many great shoot locations & with her excellent styling skills helped us choose the most gorgeous setting for my daughter’s Senior Portraits. Angel was always prompt & quick with her responses to any questions we had from wardrobe to props to financial and the entire process was so smooth & stress free!"

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