Young girl smiling and shaking her curls in front of Bear Creek
Pregnant mother posing in front of Highlands Ranch Mansion yard
Family of 5 posed together for a photoshoot in Elk Meadow Park, Evergreen CO
6 year old boy holding a fall leaf in front of his eye for a photo
Baby sitting in field at Elk Meadow park being kissed by his two older brothers
Mom and Dad embracing while children run around them
4 year old girl dancing in a field at sunset in Elk Meadow Park, Evergreen CO
Mom and Dad cuddling their toddler sun in a field at Lair o the Bear Park
Father and Daughter dancing in the woods at Mount Falcon
Girl smiling up at camera in South Valley Park
Mom and Son cuddling laughing on a log
Young girl smiling holding a teddy bear
Baby boy smiling towards the light in a grassy field
Daughter and Father embracing in the woods with sunlight shining on them
Maternity couple posed for a photoshoot in the Highlands Ranch Mansion yard

capturing the little moments, before this season too, passes on

As a mother I know how bittersweet each milestone is. You celebrate their firsts & know it'll never be a first again. Sometimes I look back at photos and think about on how precious it was to be in that moment. I smile (and cry a little) about how pure the emotions of a child are. How simply joyful their natures are. All I can think is how lucky I am to have them & how lucky I am to have those images to look back on as they grow year after year.

boy smiling up at camera at Elati Park, Littleton CO
brother and sister running into mountain sunset in Littleton, CO
pregnant mother in viking costume leaning on tree at Elk Meadow Park, Evergreen
mother breastfeeding baby at Littleton, CO pond
mommy playing with toddler boy in overalls at Pine Valley Ranch Park, Pine CO
mom and dad holding blanket for kids to run under in Evergreen CO mountains
baby girl holding a stuffed animals foot at Lakewood, CO park
baby boy smiling with bear ears hat at Hildebrand Ranch Park

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