As a Littleton Event Photographer, I'm always thrilled to capture the energy and heart of our community's events. Recently, I had the privilege of photographing the Littleton Business Chamber's very first Women in Leadership Conference, and it was truly an inspiring experience. As a woman in business, I believe in celebrating the achievements of women; this conference offered a powerful platform for connection, learning, and empowerment.

Held at the beautiful Ashley Ridge Event Center by Wedgewood Weddings in Littleton, CO this event brought together over 100 attendees – both women and men – from various industries. I was excited to see that the Littleton Independent Newspaper even used some of my images to feature the event in their most recent publication.

Event-Planning Magic: Behind the Scenes

The seamless execution of the conference was a testament to the meticulous planning and coordination of the Littleton Business Chamber team. Hours before the event Korri Lundock, Beth, and Ashley could be found setting up the venue to make this event a huge success. From arranging the pop-up banners and name tags to ensuring the audio-visual equipment functioned flawlessly, their dedication to ensuring everything ran as smoothly as possible was obvious.

A Warm Welcome

As the doors opened at 11:45 am, a team of enthusiastic volunteers, including Jessica, Brittany, Beth Ann, Amy, Kalena, Noel, Jennifer, welcomed guests with warm smiles. Thanks to the efficient registration process, volunteers were able assist attendees with name tags and guide them to their reserved table seating. The welcoming atmosphere and familiar faces helped to put everyone at ease as they awaited the start to this never-before-seen event.

Adding a touch of whimsy and vibrancy to the venue was a stunning balloon arch meticulously crafted by Jasmine Hernandez Sinner of Set It Up. The colors of the arch perfectly matched the Littleton Business Chamber's official colors, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere. The arch's playful design proved to be a popular backdrop for photos throughout the event. Groups of attendees, entire tables, and even individuals lined up for their turn to capture a memorable photo with this eye-catching display. My lens documented the laughter and joy as attendees posed in front of the balloons, adding a touch of lighthearted joy to the conference.

Lunchtime Networking

A diverse lunch provided the perfect opportunity for attendees to connect and network. The atmosphere buzzed with conversation as attendees enjoyed their meals and shared introductions. Between bites, I documented the vibrant energy in the room, capturing genuine connections forming between people from so many walks of life.

The Ashley Ridge Event Center ensured a delightful dining experience by partnering with a caterer who offered a plethora of food options to accommodate various dietary needs. From savory vegan and vegetarian dishes to delectable dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives, there was something for everyone. This thoughtful approach to catering ensured all attendees felt included and well-taken care of.

Following lunch, Korri Lundock took the stage to deliver a heartfelt welcome address. Her warm excitement about this new event set the tone for the rest of the conference as she introduced the event's first speaker. As the event photographer, I documented the attentive audience, as they waited in anticipation for the keynote speaker.

Empowering Keynotes in Littleton, CO

Dr. Melissa Levack, MD, FACS, FACC, AdventHealth Rocky Mountain Region Medical Director of

Cardiac surgery, was the first speaker at the mic and captivated the audience with her keynote address. Her journey to becoming a double board-certified surgeon was an inspiration to us all. I documented her captivating storytelling and the attention of the audience as she shared her experiences and valuable insights. Following Dr. Levack's impactful presentation, Korri thanked her with a thoughtful gift and allowed the audience a time to connect with a table-top discussion.

The tabletop discussion included an envelope of starter questions to prompt engaging conversation. Groups were free to use these prompts or to discuss of their own accord. These discussions provided valuable opportunities for attendees to connect on a more personal level and share their own experiences. To conclude this segment of the day, Korri introduced Rhonda Sheya, the next speaker.

Rhonda Sheya, VP of PR at Space Force Association, the a two-time cancer survivor, successful businesswoman, and entrepreneur, brought a refreshing blend of humor and inspiration to the stage. Her message of overcoming life's challenges with positivity and resilience resonated deeply with the attendees. She shared her advice for navigating life's challenges, using the powerful quote "What if I fall?" Oh but my darling, What if you fly?" Her message focused on the importance of volunteering, connecting with others, and embracing a sense of purpose. Sheya's infectious energy had the room buzzing with renewed optimism, and I captured both laughter and tears throughout her presentation -- a testament to her impressive ability to connect with the audience.

A Panel Discussion Focused on Leadership

The panel discussion, featured Carrie Warren-Gulley (Arapahoe County Commissioner), Gretchen Rydin (Littleton City Council Member) and Cherie Garcia-Kuper (LPS Board of Education). These accomplished women offered insightful perspectives on the challenges and rewards of leadership, particularly for women. Their discussion on work-life balance, mental health, and navigating gender bias resonated deeply with the audience. My camera documented their passionate exchange of ideas, a testament to their commitment to fostering a more inclusive leadership landscape.

Celebrating Achievements

The conference culminated in a heart-warming ceremony recognizing Dr. Stephanie Fujii, Ph.D., with the Woman in Leadership Littleton Outstanding Community Leader Award. As the president of Arapahoe Community College, Dr. Fujii's dedication to fostering a strong connection between the college and the community is truly commendable. As Dr. Fujii accepted her award, the room erupted in applause, and I captured the pride and inspiration radiating from both her and the crowd.


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